Is the Prosvent Prostate Supplement Effective?

Prosvent productThere are a lot of so called prostate supplements on the market that claim to keep the prostate healthy.

One of the most popular supplements is the product called Prosvent.

There are a lot of questions surrounding this product and in this blog post I’m going to look at the most common questions and do my best to answer them.

The first thing I will say that I do like about Prosvent is that it is made from natural compounds.

That mean you’re less likely to experience side effects on top of the symptoms you already have from poor prostate health.

Theres nothing more frustrating than purchasing a product to help you with an issue only to have more issues than you started with!

Prosvent is made up of the following natural ingredients:

Saw Palmetto
Beta Sitosterol
Tree bark (Pygeum Africanum)
Black Pepper
Nettle Root
Pumpkin Seed Oil
Lycopene (Found in tomatoes)

It does also contain the following vitamins and trace elements:

Vitamin E
Vitamin D

The natural ingredients in Prosvent can actively help to reduce an enlarged prostate. Ingredients such as Saw Palmetto prevent increased levels of testosterone from converting into DHT, which is a sex steroid hormone.

Increased levels of DHT can cause the cells in the lining of the prostate to grow, causing the enlargement of the prostate.

In some cases an enlarged prostate can also be cause by prostate cancer.

It would therefore be advisable to visitor your Doctor and have the basic tests, real exam and PSA test before opting for a solution.

I understand what it can feel like.

Prostate problems cause insomniaYou feel so desperate and just want a good nights sleep. To stop dribbling after pee’ing and to not stand there waiting to pee.

Its natural to want to try anything but some so called solutions can set your progress back.

Prosvent can help to give you relief from the frustrating symptoms of an enlarged prostate.

Results do tend to vary in each man as other factors may come into play.

Medical drugs such as Flomax can also help to reduce the symptoms but unfortunately Flomax has many reported side effects.

Beta Sitosterol and Saw Palmetto are two such ingredients that you will find in many other natural supplements that target the prostate.

So why not just take these ingredients separately?

Good question but the other ingredients in products such as Prosvent help the body to absorb more of the prostate reducing elements ensuring its success.

If you decide to purchase Prosvent, make sure you buy form a reputable supplier as there are likely many fake products out there that are cheaper and less effective.

Prosvent Bottles Natural Prostate SupplementYes you should be able to find deals and discounts but make sure you are buying the proper version of the product.

Usually the best place to purchase the product is form the official website itself or from a licensed reseller or stockist.

To help further target prostate issues try avoiding animal products. Meat, dairy and eggs are responsible for many of America’s most fatal diseases, more and more research suggests.

I know it can be difficult to gibe up that hamburger or steak but is it really worth risking your life for?

Check out Dr Michael Gerber’s research at for more information on this.